FORC Staking

FORC staking enables holders of our token to (1) earn recurring rewards and (2) qualify for certain activities.

Investors (users) need to stake >=500 FORC to take part in fundraising activities. These users receive a quarterly token distribution following token buybacks but do not get any additional recurring rewards.

Larger FORC holders (>30.000) become “Dividend earners” and qualify for additional staking rewards resulting from fundraising fee revenues, as well as a daily dividend distribution.

Users can also qualify as Curators by staking >10.000 FORC, 6 months after our launch. By doing so they can apply to curate projects and a share of the platform’s fees resulting from a successful launch of a project they curated. More information on the role of Curators can be found here.

Aside from the above staking model, we also intend to offer time-bound staking programs for holders, active participants, curators, and the rest of the community.

Early redemption of staked funds

Staked funds can be redeemed at any time without consequences. Withdrawing funds from time-bound staking programs before their expiration date will incur a 0,5% fine and will result in the withholding of expected staking rewards.

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