Token sales

Intro on the token sale models

Forcefi is a decentralized and permissionless incubator. Anyone can sign up for free and use the platform to build their product, team, and audience. For those who wish to host a token sale, they can do so through the platform as well.

The success of the token launch depends on the quality of the product, the degree of transparency, as well as the curators that support it.

To that end, we have adopted two types of token sales models - private sales and public sales. We decided to follow a more “old school” approach that is a remnant of the ICO era while still being fully customizable by core contributors since this has historically shown the best return for investors.

Private (seed) sales

Founders launch a private sale and offer gated access to specific wallet addresses (curators, ambassadors, fund representatives, VCs, etc.) who can purchase a custom number of tokens for a specific price.

Public sales

Similar to most launchpads, founders announce a public sale of a specific number of tokens for a specific price. They can set custom limits (i.e. limit per wallet), and select the token they wish to receive (on the Arbitrum chain). There is a soft cap and a hard cap, as well as a time window during which the sale is conducted. If a token allocation is sold out before the time window expires, the sale is concluded.

Fundraise fee

The fundraise fee is strategically redistributed back to curators to lower costs for early-stage projects:

5% fee when raising <1.000.000$

4% fee when raising 1.000.000$ up to 2.500.000$

3% fee when raising > 2.500.000$

The fee received from each fundraise is distributed as follows:

  • 55% is awarded to curators that supported the project

  • 30% is distributed to dividend earners (>30.000 FORC staked)

  • 10% is reserved for FORC buyback and burn

  • 5% is reserved for FORC buyback and allocated to the Community Pool

User participation

Users have to stake 500 $FORC to participate in token launches ($10 at public sale value). A larger share of staked tokens enables users to buy larger amounts of tokens, but there is an upper limit in place to avoid whale activity. The platform enables projects to add customization elements to their launch, which is further explained in Projects.

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