What happens after you join the platform

When joining Forcefi, you get access to your dashboard. From there, you can add information about your project and track actions easily.

As a starter project, you can click on the Projects tab to explore all the listed projects. You can also click on the Curators tab to see our curators. When curators try to connect, you will receive a notification. Weekly calls and other materials are currently communicated via email and Telegram.

Creating an account

The registration of new projects takes less than a minute:

  • Visit Forcefi.io and click on ‘Get Free Access’

  • Connect your wallet

  • Enter the name and logo of your project

  • Click on ‘List new project’

Following the registration, you can add more details about your project, including links to your docs and social channels, a one-liner, as well as a more extensive description. These fields will help you explore partnerships and collaborate with curators.

Project Tiers

When projects get listed on Forcefi, they join the Starter tier. To qualify for higher tiers, projects need to pay a one-time fee. The tiers and their features are listed below:


The STARTER package is meant for early-stage projects that are looking to get assistance for the development and growth of their project. Upon joining, projects receive detailed guides for BD, marketing, & more. They can then schedule a 30-minute call with the team to discuss their needs and pain points. Forcefi does not consider this a sales call, but rather a consultation, offering advice on topics brought up by the project team. Aside from this, projects can access and participate in weekly (private) calls, where the team and curators help by providing feedback on questions.


The EXPLORER package unlocks the curator dashboard, allowing projects to research, connect, and interact with 160+ industry experts. It is at this stage that you can start exploring intro calls, discuss partnerships, or enter into a work collaboration with the curators that you need. During the intro call with our team, we will shortlist the most relevant curators that we can introduce right after your upgrade. This package also includes co-marketing intros and opportunities that are explored on a case-by-case basis.


The ACCELERATOR package offers all the above, as well as warm introductions to key partners of Forcefi. Together with set intros we help you close deals and get things going! This package is ideal for projects that are looking to launch their token. Aside from free launch opportunities, you also get a featured listing for three months, attracting the attention of more curators along the way.

Project status

Listed projects have a different status based on their stage. This helps investors and curators understand the type of connections they are looking for. There are 4 types of status labels:

- Listed: The project is simply listed on the platform and does not (plan to) host a sale

- Prelaunch: The project is working with curators and is gearing up for its launch

- Active: The project is actively raising funds on the platform, following its work with curators

- Completed: The project has previously launched and completed a token sale on the platform

What happens after you sign up?

After signing up on Forcefi, we reach out to hop on a 1:1 call, which helps us understand your pain points.

We then help you solve your problems by making intros, offering continuous feedback, and sharing hacks to improve your traction. From there on, you can participate in biweekly calls with other project teams, learn from their experience, and ask for feedback. Some of our curators will also join the calls to offer advice.

Once your project implements the advice and in case of further assistance, you can upgrade your listing to any of the paid plans. This way, your will unlock additional features.

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