Platform earnings


At the earliest stage, our treasury (Forcefi Assets Wallet) will consist of funds raised during the private/public sale. Upon launch, part of the platform’s revenue will be deposited in the treasury as well:

→ Project registration fee (100%)

→ Exercised options from Project Incentives Pool (100%)

→ Continuative FORC sale (100%)

→ Other Forcefi proceeds, resulting from external partners, e.g. Marketing, legal assistance, KYC, etc. (100%)

→ Fundraise fee (5%)

How will treasury funds be used?

Treasury funds will be used to pay for recurring expenses and reward the best-performing curators. Part of the funds will also be deposited into a dedicated founders’ fund, part of which will be used to conduct regular token buybacks. Those tokens will then be redistributed among the staking pool.

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