Common questions among all categories answered in no particular order of importance. Do you have more questions? Let us know on Twitter.

Will you add any other types of launch models in the future?

As the landscape continues to evolve we will continue to research and try to come up with launch methods that are beneficial to both projects and early investors. We have already looked into the existing options and believe that our current launch models are most beneficial under these criteria. They are also the models that most retail investors are familiar with (through IEOs and most IDO platforms).

I am a KOL and want to become a curator. What do I do?

Reach out to our CEO (https://t.me/MichaeLSkob) or CMO (https://t.me/Tsapis).

I am a service provider in the crypto industry. Do I qualify as a curator?

That depends on the service you provide. How can you help projects in their pre-launch stage? Only a small percentage of our initial curators are service providers in the form of agencies, social media managers, graphic designers, and our selection depends on your quality of work and audience.

Reach out to our CEO (https://t.me/MichaeLSkob) or CMO (https://t.me/Tsapis).

I am an advisor for several cryptocurrency projects. Do I qualify as a curator?

Yes, you qualify. Reach out to our CEO (https://t.me/MichaeLSkob) or CMO (https://t.me/Tsapis).

I have a saas tool that I can offer to new projects. Do I qualify as a curator?

If you have software that assists in community management, wallet tracking, or another early-stage growth method, you can reach out to our CEO (https://t.me/MichaeLSkob) or CMO (https://t.me/Tsapis). We do not onboard such service providers as curators, but we are open to partnerships and co-marketing opportunities that can benefit our users.

How will the on-chain reputation system for curators work?

Once the curators successfully contribute to the project and fulfill KPIs, Frocefi issues an SBT badge and delivers it to their wallet. The SBT is not tradeable but helps curators populate their profiles with past achievements.

We use KPIs as a determining factor to avoid the possibility of tampering with or exploiting the on-chain reputation system.

When will you conduct the audit of your smart contract?

Right after the public sale is concluded.

What is the initial marketcap of FORC?


Where will you host your token launch?

More information on this will be released soon.

How do investors participate in public sales on the platform?

The exact method by which a project decides to distribute its tokens is fully customizable. They are free to create a queue that is based upon certain criteria, like nr of staked FORC tokens, or keep it fully randomized. They can also prioritize whitelisted investors.

From our side, the only thing users have to abide by is the number of staked tokens (500+ FORC). This enables them to register for upcoming token sales.

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