Tracking project funds post-sale

One of the most commonly-observed issues with launchpads is their spectrum of involvement. As soon as a token sale is completed and the fees are paid, the work is done; no further involvement from launchpads.

The structure of Forcefi enables investors to track projects' funds following their token launch on the platform. This feature is part of the project’s analytics page, where founders also discuss their latest developments.

How it works

After a sale is completed, project teams have the option to make their wallet publicly available and label incoming and outgoing transactions. This creates an environment that makes transaction tracking more convenient, even for those that do not qualify as on-chain analysts.

Projects can also use this feature before their token sale. By labeling their project as fully transparent they enable investors to hold them accountable for their financial decisions and show an increased level of transparency. This, in turn, increases their odds of raising capital and attracting curators.

This optional transparency feature can be extended to disclose all financial data using accounting tools provided on the platform (p&l, assets structure, etc.). We expect that such structures will enable cryptocurrency projects to operate more like TradFi corporations in the future (in terms of accounting).

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