Forcefi is a community platform that helps new projects build a team, grow their community, and raise funds in a permissionless manner.

Forcefi is a matchmaking platform with a freemium pricing model and token launch functionalities. Projects join the platform to connect with industry professionals and KOLs known as curators and create a team that helps them build out their product and growth strategy.

Curators filter projects on Forcefi depending on several criteria (team, docs, roadmap, etc.), and monetize their skills and audience, building their on-chain reputation.

Investors join Forcefi to discover early-stage projects reviewed and backed by curators. They can then invest in promising projects when they host a token sale.

The three segments of the audience complement each other, creating a strong value proposition for everyone involved.

Our main goal is to offer new projects the opportunity to build their product, attract early-stage funding, and kickstart their growth strategy without relying on a personal network and a high budget.

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